Tuesday, 7 June 2011

what's cookin - Strawberry Cake

what i like best about spring/summer season? its berries time baby! move over sour Spanish strawberries, the best of british berries has arrived ;)

hehe...dah lama x baking kan? rindu sangat nak bereksperimen buat kek...tengok2 resepi telan2 air liur dok cari idea dan tanya selera, kek apa nak buat ye? so to welcome and celebrate summer haruslah buat kek yang berkaitan dengan summer fruits - strawberries to be exact. mya pun tahu beza, bila makan 'emm..this one is not masham mama..it sooo sweet!' satu bungkus tu boleh makan sorang je =)

ternampak resepi ni, from Confections of a Foodie Bride dan tertarik nak buat sebab susah nak jumpa resepi kek strawberi from scratch, mostly mesti ada pakai serbuk jello, instant cake mix and so on but this, the recipe calls for freshly pureed strawberries...yums!

tastewise? - moist, spongy cake but a little too sweet for me, but that maybe due to the fact that i bake half the recipe, so maybe ada silap sana sini sikit kan masa sukat gula...dan rasanya bila buat layer dengan fresh whipped cream dan fresh strawberries in the middle the compliment each other perfectly. but other than that, i really recommended you all to bake this cake. it will make a perfect birthday cake for a little girl, you can whipped the frosting with a little leftover strawberry pureed for a perfect pink birthday cake...who can say no to that? ;)

now, i'm not going to post the recipe here as it will be useful for you to read the recipe yourself, plus ada tips menarik yang i pun baru tahu, on how to get even bake cake - EVERYTIME! and the author also make an experiment on this, just to show you the difference.

if you interested to bake this, a little note about what i did:
- i only bake half the recipe, and use whole eggs instead of 6 egg whites, so for half recipe i used 2 whole eggs.
- for the flour, i used all purpose flour, tepung biasa aje uols, janji ayak betul2 ok.
- for the milk, i used strawberry milk (cilok mya punya hehe) so maybe my cake a little bit on the sweeter side, next time i'll use whole milk as per recipe stated.
- plan ahead and do spare time to washed, hulled, sliced, sprinkle with 1-2 tablespoons sugar and keep the strawberries for about 1 hour or so in room temperature, until nice and juicy. the sugar will draws out all the natural juices, making pureed them a bliss, no need to add water for this.
- to assemble the cake; i layered them with fresh cream and strawberries halves, sky is the limit here, you can use whatever frosting you like, i'm thinking cream cheese frosting for my next project ;)

Happy Baking! (^-^)


DeLancrettLurpak said...

ada rasa masam tak the cake? kalau ada, i nak cuba, sebab i suka la rasa masam manis cake like lemon cake, yummehhh!!!

suhana azlin said...

not really lah, maybe sbb i guna strawberry milk and tersilap kira masa sukat gula half the recipe hehe..

i nk try bake lagi today, nnt i report ye =)

btw, u dah try resepi lemon cake resepi ina garten? cam sodap sbb drizzle lemon glaze kt atas, letak blueberries pun boleh..nk try tp belum belum beli grater lah ;P